About us

Located in the west of Melbourne, Knox International is a globally renowned brand within the raw skin and hide industry. Known for our quality, we are the leading supplier to tanneries around the world.

As a division of JBS Foods Australia, we work closely with our plants located in Victoria and South Australia to ensure we maintain high quality products backed by the JBS Farm Assurance Program.

Our skins are drum salted and packed on pallets. 20 pallets are loaded into containers and exported to various destinations around the globe. The quantity packed per pallet is determined by wool length, skin type and size.

Specialist selections are made based on wool fineness and density for finished products such as Garments, Rugs, Boots and Underlays.

Our range of products include selection selections from:

  • New Season Lamb
  • Shorn Lamb
  • Merino – Fine wool
  • Cross Bred- Broad wool
  • Calf
  • Goat
  • Australian hides

We are continually working with industry experts to ensure high standards of animal welfare and minimal environmental impact from our activities.